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ArgyllPRO ColorMeter

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Introducing the ArgyllPRO ColorMeter V1.5

New in Version 1.5, IES TM-30-15 Light Source Color Rendition.

ArgyllPRO ColorMeter is an Android application for Tablets and Phones, that lets you use all your USB connected color measurement instruments on the go. If you need to measure light or color in Printing, Photography, Lighting, Graphic Design, TV, Film or Video, then you will want to check it out in the 2 Minute Overview + Guided Tour Video.
For complete details, please see the ArgyllPRO website.


Current Version 2.0.1 (9th July 2018)

ArgyllCMS is an ICC compatible color management system, available as Open Source. It supports accurate ICC profile creation for scanners, cameras and film recorders, and calibration and profiling of displays and RGB & CMYK printers. Device Link can be created with a wide variety of advanced options, including specialized Video calibration standards  and 3dLuts. Spectral sample data is supported, allowing a selection of illuminants observer types, and paper fluorescent whitener additive compensation. Profiles can also incorporate source specific gamut mappings for perceptual and saturation intents. Gamut mapping and profile linking uses the CIECAM02 appearance model, a unique gamut mapping algorithm, and a wide selection of rendering intents. It also includes code for the fastest portable 8 bit raster color conversion engine available anywhere, as well as support for fast, fully accurate 16 bit conversion. Device color gamuts can also be viewed and compared with a modern Web browser using X3DOM . Comprehensive documentation is provided for each major tool, and a general guide to using the tools for typical color management tasks is also available. A mailing list provides support for more advanced usage.

Argyll is a collection of source code that compiles into a set of command line tools, licensed under an AGLP license.

Argyll also includes a general purpose ICC V2 profile format access library, icclib, and a general purpose CGATS file format I/O library.

Also hosted here, is DPS a "Demo Print System". This is an inkjet printer driver framework, currently aimed at driving the Epson R1800 printer. This is under development, and not yet complete.

Your continued support is important.

Unfortunately programmers and color experts can't live on encouragement and complements alone - they have bills to pay, equipment to keep up to date, instruments to buy, and other financial obligations such as maintaining a roof over their heads and keeping the lights on, just like normal people. Currently it is only your support that will allow me to continue working on ArgyllCMS. So if you find ArgyllCMS valuable, and would like to continue to have technical support, bug-fixes, updates and drivers for new instruments, and support for new technologies, or you appreciate having serious color management available on platforms other than MSWin and OS X, then it's a really good idea to provide some support via a donation that reflects the value it provides you.

If you are a casual or hobby user, then something like $5 - $100 may be appropriate, depending on how deep your pockets are.

If you are using ArgyllCMS in your business, an annual donation, of (say) 5-20% of the cost of the commercial software you have not had to pay for, would make a great deal of difference in ensuring that it continues to be available.

If you are distributing ArgyllCMS as part of some other free package, then please make your users aware of the need to support the software that you and they depend upon.

If you are distributing ArgyllCMS as part of some other package that you are make money out of (e.g., a commercial Linux distribution where ArgyllCMS is providing a feature that allows Linux to be on par with other operating systems with regard to Color Management), then it would help tremendously if you treated it like other key software you depend on, and make an allowance to contribute a portion of a full time developers salary every year.

No contribution is too small - it all adds up.

If there is an insufficient level of ongoing support, then there is still a very real possibility that you will return here in 6-12 months time, and find ArgyllCMS has gone.

Contribution Level

Thanks to everyone who has made the effort to provide financial support, as well as the encouraging messages - you are making a difference in keeping ArgyllCMS available:
  Axel Schindler, Emanuele Giardina, Martin Gray, Douglas Thomson, Frederic Eynck, Volker Lerch, Amar Sood, Travis Marler, Roger Marti, Alain Perrier, Marco Maffezzoli, Phillip R Ziesemer, Stephan Bourgeois, Brett Patching, Francel Tsidiarison, Hans Tallis, Dirk Ritter, Laurent Pointal, Daniel Jurcau, Andre Charron, Paul Killoy, Bradley Paulson, Brad Funkhouser, Johan Bergquist, Lin Shih-Hsiang, Damiano Croci, Andre Yew, Stanimir Drobnjakovic, Greg Feeler, Richard Echavarria, Gabriele Piccini, Jürgen Bauer, John Hardiman, Dariusz Garbowski, Co Partes Y Suministros, Webster Dove, Eugen Latmann, Markus Kubik, Kenneth Moore, Benot Hommel, André Metzner, David Williams, Nick Dunmur, Wijaya Joshua, Charles Kraft, Ильичёв Александр, Dale Ouimette, Matthew Earlywine, Torsten Holst, Richard Klein, Phil Ziesemer, Rashid Makarov, Silvian Ltd.
Special thanks to the following people who are making a regular contribution:

  Fabio Giraldi, Harald Hugenschmidt, Lateral Imaging, Novo Group, Inc., Fabio Bertolotti

Many thanks also to Florian Höch  for contributing a portion of the donations to DiscalGUI from the following people:

 Dennis Coyle, Kerry Gascoigne, Huangyi Jiang, Stephen Balderston, Etienne Loiseau, Dmitry Smirnov, Gerhard Schlösser, Michele Paoli, Joon Kuk, Jose Maria Zabala Madina, Scott Miller, Christoffer Rus, Darin Quan, Adam Ditheridge, Jakob Primgaard, Troy Sobotka, Yadira Sanchez, Axel Schindler, Kevin Obrien, Mark Walter, Kevin Eccles, Roberto Leinardi, Stephen Hallam, Rick Menzel, Zacharie Charbonneau, Peter Fedorow, Alexis Hildebrandt, Alexander Ivantchev, Douglas Braddock, Alexander Store, Mickey Brown, Andre Baudry, David Johnson, Jeremiah Hair, Jeff Brandt, Yannick Paz, Mario Van Essen, William Drown, Melina Kolimpiri, Andreas Resch, Denley Barnette, Graham Smith, Cristian Adrian Olariu, Justin Cherry, Nathan Cowan Photography, Davide Visca, Laurent Pointal, Dirk Ritter, Paul Mcleod, Chetan Kumar P, Mr M Watson, Jorge De Cecco, Francel Tsidiarison, Brett Antony Patching, Jeff Isgett, Nikolaus Waxweiler, Santiago Pediatrics, Les Hillis, Victor Allard, Tony Culpin, Murray Savidan, Alexander Kaiser, Howard Lim, Robert Conchie, Benjamin Chare, Diede Van Vree, Christopher Humphrey, Rick Pappas, Jing Zhao, Roy Batute, Moritz Baur, Steven German, Drew Anderson, Jesper Ryde, Orjan Franzen, David Brown, Matthias Döß, Виктория Усова, Michael Gerstgrasser, Petter Flink, Hyung-Song Nam, Alexander Wegel, Olivier Lenoble-Folleas, Håvard Lindholm, Gary Digiovanni, Harry Wirtz, Words & Pictures, Jürgen Bode, Kevin Applegate, Casey Carter, Sam Morrison, Jimg Photography, Tilman Hager, Frederic Eynck, Nigel Smith, Marcin Koscielecki, Philip Kerschbaum, Shih-Hsiang Lin, Alberto Alessandro Pozzo, John Mackey, Serge Stauffer, Juraj Hatina, Dudley Mcfadden, Tihomir Lazarov, Kari Hrafnkelsson, Michael Gerstgrasser, Sergio Pirovano, Borko Augustin, Greg Hill, Marco Signorini, Hanno Ritzerfeld, Lensvisions Studio, Ute Bauer, Ori Sagiv, Bálint Hajagos, Vesa Karhila, Сергей Кудрин, Sheila Mayo, Lensvisions Studio, Dmitry Ostroglyadov, Lippai Ádám, Aliaksandr Sirazh, Dirk Driesen, Andre Schipper, Jay Benach, Gafyn Jones, Fritz Schütte, Kevin Pinkerton, Truls Aagedal, Eakphan Intajak, Herbert Moers, Jordan Szuch, Clemens Rendl, Nirut Tamchoo, James Barres, Ronald Nowakowski, Stefano Aliffi, Miriana Marusic, Robert Howard, Alessandro Marotta, Björn Stresing, Evgenij Popov, Rodrigo Valim, Robert Smith, Jens Windmüller, 信宏 郭, Swen Heinrich, Matthieu Moy, Sebastian Hoffmann, Ruslan Nedielkov, Fred Wither, Richard Tafel, Chester Chua, Arreat.De, Duane Middlebrook, Stephan Eitel, John Gooday, Ben Richardson Llc, Taras Nebesnyy, Tim Williams, Shengyou Ou, Kenneth Reichner, Robert Neff, Thorsten Geisbe, William Dunaway Jr, Silvercleave, M Nguyen Ba, Marc Hill, David Leek, Russell Girten, Steven Jenks, Oliver Krause, Tom Poliquin, Manuel Jorge Teixeira, John Willsund, John Willsund, Jan Fischer, Cyril Hazotte, Isaac Barahona Hidalgo, Venkat Polumahanti, Amir Eslampanah, Michele Paoli, Gianluca Ferrari, Chi Leung Chiu, Elena Kolomytseva, Claudio Caja, Trevor Mason, Adrián Hernández, George Pierce, Baty Reasoner, Reichenbach Stories Gmbh, Susan Yarvin, Ismael Ferreras Riesco, Paul R. Heil-Film, Jan Leipnitz, Tim Rappon, Stefan Hühne, Jean-Claude Chevrier, Thomas Nankivell, 晓东 邵, Richard Shrubb, Victor Sanchez, William Rother, Christopher Bahry, Greg Feeler, Eugen Latmann, Dieter Wagenbichler, Simone Cabasino, J Holmes, J M Robin, Silas Spence, Justin Nicholson, Stephen Wager, Lisa Lang, Roberto Cenci, Matias Puga, Viorel Dobre, Christopher Holder, Robert Neff, Gianluca Ferrari, Jan Komarek, Sol Hubner, Bruno Thomas, Viktor Boleininger, Paolo Venturi, Álvaro Tejero Maján, Cesar Cordova, Michel Quijorna Kyburz, Bo Yang Tang, Quebec Inc., Silvercleave, Greg Feeler, Christian Philippe, Mark Gray, John Kua, Nhan Nguyen, Eric Rijcken, Eric Rijcken, Shakeem Guzman, Paypal, Leon Daniels, Pictaural Productions Inc., Gilles Plurien, Appeal Design, Erlend Ronnekleiv, Mug, Tonella Daniele, Athol Greenhalgh, Joshua Wijaya, Mario Adolfo Leclere Velez, Huei-Horng Yo, Matthias Ellinger, David Williams, Alexander Strauß, Areeb Shabbir, Pogomix, Wolfgang Harst, Phillip R Ziesemer, Magdalena Flisak, Linshan Xie, Milan Stuchal, Dustin Scarpitti, Vadim Chumachenko, Thomas Vilbæk, Christoph Wagner, William Buell, Christoph Schwarz, Minung Seo, Alastair Mcgregor, David Duke, Jeff Perritt, Andrew Greig, William Camp, Mario González, Dimension 2 Ltd, Mikhail Reytsman, Steve Allen, Francisco Javier Garcia Dominguez, David Schram, Digital Dna Systems, Juho Kerola, Matti Koskinen, Javier Martin Sanchez, Dimitri Vermeire, Mike Malone, Petr Fajkus, Samarra Studios Llc, Greg Feeler, Robert Fraser, Krzysztof Hajdamowicz, Zachary Chu, Eliane Brönnimann, Guillermo Sanz Gimeno, Moisès Sánchez Soler, Robert Henderson, Leslie Peters, Cml-Cinematography Mailing List, Hans Ohwosoro, Harald Juhn, Jaswant Madhavan, Jose Manuel Cuevas Montero, Paul Dulac, Spyridon Mysirlis, Massimo Zannoni, Li Chang Mao


On Line Documentation
Download V2.0.1 Argyll Source Code
Download V2.0.1 Main Microsoft Windows executables
Download V2.0.1 Main Apple OS X executables
Download V2.0.1 Main Linux x86 Executables
Commercial Use and non-GPL Licensing
Download V2.16 icclib or cgatslib Source Code
Download DPS Source Code
Download SnoopyPro Source Code or Executables
ArgyllCMS mailing List Information

After you have downloaded the source or executables, please read the notes on installing.

Please note that some of the Linux packages based on "ArgyllCMS" have been modified in various ways, and may not work exactly the same as what is distributed here. If something doesn't work using such a package, please download the unmodified software from here and re-test before reporting a bug.

Getting Support for ArgyllCMS or reporting Bugs:

The best way of getting support in using ArgyllCMS or reporting bugs, is via the ArgyllCMS mailing List, where you will get the benefit of other knowledgeable people being able to help you.
You can also email me (Graeme Gill) directly. (See Contact Me below).

I do scan some of the relevant web forums sporadically, and others on those forums may be able to help:

For Video and TV calibration and Profiling, the AVS Forums.

For Film & Video color grading display calibration, Lift Gamma Gain is worth a look.

For Camera, Photography, Photo Printing and Display profiling, try Luminous Landscapes.

[ I recommend you Stay away from DPReview - their heavy commercial censorship makes it unsuitable for support or discussion. ]

For printing and practical color management, the Apple ColorSync List is worth looking at (many experts hang out there),
while Forums like Printer Knowledge may be better suited to those at a more hobby level.

Other software that uses ArgyllCMS:

DisplayCAL by Florian Höch

The Little Argyll GUI and A Color-Managed Linux Workflow by Russell Cottrell

Coloris by Rémi and Lionel Wetteren.

CoCa by Andrew Stawowczyk Long


SwatchMate Cube, Part 1 - Out of the box accuracy

SwatchMate Cube, Part 2 - Can it be improved ?

Modifying the i1i0 table for the i1pro2