A simple tool to plot spectrum files (.sp, .cmf, .ccss etc.), and compute the  CCT and VCT, CRI, TLCI, XYZ, x,y and L*a*b* values.

Usage summary

specplot [infile1.sp, infile2.sp, ...]
 -v               verbose
 -c               combine multiple files into one plot
 -z               don't make range cover zero
 -s               don't plot spectra
 -d I|A|M|T|E     print density values
 -u level         plot effect of adding estimated UV level
 -U               plot effect of adding range of estimated UV level
 [infile.sp ...]  spectrum files to plot
                  default is all built in illuminants

Usage Details and Discussion

Run without an argument, each built in illuminant is plotted in turn. If an argument is given, then just that
spectrum will be plotted.

Hit a key in the plot window to advance to the next spectrum.

If the -p option is set, then no plot is shown.

The -d option will select the type of density measurement to print, if the value is a reflective or transmissive measurement:
    I = ISO Visual, 1 & 2 + Visual
    A = Status T + Visual
    M = Status M + Visual
    T = Status T + Visual
    E = Status E + Visual