Commercial Use and non-GPL Licensing

Almost all of the source code and provided executable files are copyrighted works, and the package as a whole is licensed under the Affero GNU Version 3 license (AGPL3), and therefore can't be copied, sold, used to derive new works, or be made available to users interacting with them remotely through a computer network, without providing the source code. For all the gory details, please read the accompanying licence.

Code that is copyrighted by me (Graeme W. Gill), which composes the vast majority of the Argyll CMS, is available for non-AGPL3, commercial licensing under the ArgyllPRO brand via Computer Graphics Technology P.L., so that it may be incorporated in closed source or Server based products. Licensing terms very much depend on the scope and nature of the licensing (i.e. what portion of the code is being licensed, whether it is source or executable code, whether it is being sub-licensed to end users or is being offered on a Software as a Service basis, etc.). It is highly advisable that closed source products that make use of ArgyllCMS NOT be developed before securing an appropriate license. For more details on the availability, terms and conditions of such non-GPL licensing, please

Graeme Gill.