About me:

I've been building audio, video and computer hardware since I was about 17, and started serious programming as soon as I'd finished designing and building myself a Z80 based computer.

I have a degree in Electronic Engineering from RMIT University, and spend the first 10 years of my professional career working for Labtam Pty. Ltd., designing microprocessor based computer systems and peripherals. I also worked on the UNIX system software on occasions, and became the graphical performance expert for the Labtam "Xengine" X11 terminal products.

When Labtam got out of the computer graphics game and became an ISP (Access One), I joined Digital Ideas as senior Electronic Engineer, and worked on the hardware and software for their Colour Copier and Large format RIP, "DICENet". Digital Ideas eventually merged with ColorStar (a RIP company based in Atlanta), and ColorStar then bought Colorbus, based in California. For the last 5 years of my 10 years at Digital Ideas/ColorStar/Colorbus, I was head of the R&D team in Melbourne, and we developed the MSWindows NT based Colorbus RIP products. As well as the hardware specialist, I also became the Colour and Screening specialist, developing and refining much of the code behind the proofing products we made.

Since the demise of Columbus, I have been self employed, licensing portions of my ArgyllCMS, and currently working on turning it into a commercial color management product.

As well as my professional interests in computer graphics and color, my other technical interests also run both wide and deep, from theatre, to communications.

I'm located in Melbourne, Australia, and am available for consultation.

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