Convert Kodak Colorflow format CMYK test chart into Argyll .ti3 CGATS format.

Usage Summary

kodak2gcats [-v] [-l limit] infile outfile
-v              verbose mode
-l limit        set ink limit, 0 - 400%
-r filename     Use an alternate 928 patch reference file
infile          Base name for input.pat file
outfile         Base name for output.ti3 file

Usage Details and Discussion

kodak2ti3 takes the Kodak Colorflow CMYK printer spectrometer data file, and turns them into Argyll .ti3 CGATS files.
By default kodak2ti3 expects a standard 928 patch test chart has been used. If an alternate 928 test chart has been used, an alternate device reference file can be supplied using the -r parameter.
The Argyll .ti3 format usually contains an ink limit or TAC (Total Area Coverage) limit value, used to specify the gamut limits during profile creation. the -l flag allows this to be specified, and included in the created .ti3 file.