Dump the contents of an ICC profile as human readable text.


 iccdump [-v level] [-t tagname] [-s] infile
 -v level      Verbose level 1-3 (default 2)
 -t tag        Dump this tag only (can be used multiple times)
 -s            Search for embedded profile
 -i            Check V4 ID value
 -w            Warn of ICC format problems to stdout
 -W            Warn of ICC format problems to stderr
 -S            Be strict about ICC format
  infile       ICC profile


iccdump sRGB.icm

iccdump -v3 -t rTRC sRGB.icm


This tool will dump the contents of the header, and each known type of tag within the ICC profile. For more detail on each tag, the -v flag should be used, typically with verbose level 3.

The -s flag causes iccdump to do a brute force search for any embedded profiles within the file, and dumps them all. This won't work if the profile data is segmented or compressed.

The -t parameter may be used multiple times, to dump just specific tags, e.g. iccdump -v3 -t clrt -t clot devicelink.icm

The ICC V4 spec. adds a profile header checksum ID, and the -i flag computes this value for the given profile.

The -w and -W flags cause iccdump to show detailed ICC profile format problems.

The -S flag causes iccdump to be strict about the ICC format, and reject profiles that do not strictly conform to the specifications.