Using a CMYK ICC profile, create a .ti3 file containing device CMY to colorimetric values. This can then be used to create a CMY profile, that can be linked with the original CMYK profile to form a CMY to CMYK separation transform.


fakeCMY [optionscmykprofile.icm fakecmy.ti3
 -v                Verbose mode
 -r res            Set the resolution of the resulting .ti3 file (default 3).
 -l tlimit         Set a total ink limit, 0 .. 400%  (estimate by default)
 -l klimit         Set a black ink limit, 0 .. 100%  (estimate by default)
 profile.icm       CMYK  ICC input profile to use
 outfile.ti3       Name for output .ti3 file



This tool is a means of producing a CMY to CMYK separation. A fake CMY profile is created from the output of fakeCMY, and this is then linked to the original CMYK profile using collink, to create a separation containing the desired black generation.